We are a specialist company working to help SME businesses achieve the next Value Step, that moment when a step change in shareholder value is created and realised. This may be: securing a major contract; implementing a succession plan; completing a fundraising, sale or acquisition.     A small team of proven and experienced business leaders, we are prepared to invest our time and capital to back our brains, courage and leadership to deliver our client’s desired outcomes. We judge the degree of intervention to suit the situation…enough to make the difference.     Working with a group of associates, we offer a complete portfolio of skills and capabilities to suit the situation including corporate finance and accounting; communications; governance and company administration.

Our Services

  • Strategic positioning and visioning
  • Business planning and budgeting
  • Start-up, incubation and investment
  • Restructuring and recovery
  • Senior leadership support
  • Transaction advice and facilitation
  • People and culture development
  • Succession planning
The Value Step Process
Commercially, we are neither typical £/day consultants nor a traditional Private Equity house. We offer two approaches: (i) advisory services on a success-based leveraged fee, or (ii) full investment partnership On each of these, our approach is similar.  We put our own skin in the game and take a real share of risk and reward to align ourselves with our client’s successful outcome.
Public Services
The concept of the ValueStep applies in the Public Services, where the critical priorities for a policy or programme, have as much currency as in the private sector. We provide senior-level advisory, typically introduced below the competition threshold then procured as sub-consultant. We have recently advised the European Investment Bank on a multi-billion Euro investment programme into a Balkan member state; provided counsel in the New Hospitals Programme and we are in a specialist team on the Small Modular Reactor nuclear programme.
Investment Services
As Value Step Capital Partners LLC we invest in SME businesses in sectors with long-term potential. We enjoy working in partnership with management teams to generate significant, lasting value. We act with a focus and shared vision with our partner companies. Our approach is founded on principles of trust, decisiveness, flexibility and expertise.
Robert Osborne
Robert Osborne

Robert is an expert in growing and delivering shareholder value in SMEs. His interest is in recognising, targeting and securing the ‘value step’ – that vital moment when a project succeeds or when shareholder value is realised.

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    James Leng
    James Leng

    James has built a career as an entrepreneurial business leader on the foundation of more than 20 years’ experience on a number of UK’s largest and most complex PFI/PPP, infrastructure and contracting service schemes.

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      Martin Haywood
      Martin Haywood

      Martin is an energetic operational and commercially perceptive finance director who harnesses a Dashboard and Scorecard culture to create financial information sets that underpin steps in business value.

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        Peter Robinson
        Peter Robinson

        Peter is a pioneer of new media, disruptor of the creative communications industries and strategic organisational consultant with 35 years’ experience of helping business owners, board members and government ministers to shape and change direction.

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          Charlotte Allfrey
          Charlotte Allfrey

          Charlotte is a results driven HR Professional who provides strategic HR advice and services as well as practical help and guidance to help companies achieve their business goals by managing people effectively.

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            Trusted Partners
            Trusted Partners

            Working with other trusted partners, we offer a complete portfolio of additional skills and capabilities to suit the situation

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              Below are some of our 'Think Pieces', click read more to view
              Just Dont Miss The Train

              Just don’t miss the train

              overheated or stagnant; prices still rising; resources are scarce; people are flakier than ever; optimism is rare; productivity is low; investment is scant; whoever wins the General Election, the UK economy won’t improve for a while. Mr Micawber is long dead, so waiting for something to turn up isn’t enough. And, by the way, hope is not a strategy.

              Emerging renewables companies could save us, but can we save them first?

              With inflation abating only slowly, and interest rates persisting uncomfortably high, a troubling issue is appearing - the strangulation of emerging, pure-play, renewables and low carbon energy technology companies. This threatens a class of inventors and entrepreneurs who are seeking to bring their IP to market, and it could even deprive us of the next “big green idea”.

              Talking Direct: Mind That Gap

              Getting a deal done can be extraordinarily easy, or near impossible depending on the motivations, ambitions, insight and experience, appetite and focus of the parties. In almost all cases, however, we have found, one common and fundamental piece of the multi-faceted transaction puzzle exists and that is the ‘Deal Value Gap’ (DVG).

              National Energy Service

              On 12th October 2023 at the Francis Crick Institute, London, a distinguished panel and 50 or so guests, brought together by the acumen7 Network, (www.acumen7.com) debated one of the most important issues of our generation. The title of the debate was:"This house believes that no government can be relied upon to secure an affordable and renewable energy supply for the UK, and that an alternative approach is needed." Here is my contribution to the discussion.

              In tough times, it’s the fundamentals that protect value

              The UK economy is facing tough times. Whatever the outcome of the General Election, and despite opportunities for new industries, it will take years of grind until the economy is thriving.  Nonetheless, SME businesses must grow, survive, and thrive in the realities that we have now, and they will best do this by applying business fundamentals, facing the truth, and making brave decisions.

              “Only I Can Fix This” – The Art of Letting Go

              At ValueStep we have, over the years, juggles with the uncomfortable truth that business founders and inventors both create and destroy value. To put it bluntly, how does a business help its dominant leader crystallise their fortune, stay confident in their vision and get out of the way to allow the business to succeed to its next stage?

              Zombie Balance Sheets

              " Over the past 18 months Covid-19 has strangled the world. The pandemic has touched every country, and, despite the vaccination programme, Europe is now bracing for its fourth wave.

              Perhaps as worrying, behind the scenes, there breeds another contagion. That of zombie business Balance Sheets. "

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