This small automotive company offering performance software was riven by shareholder disputes and disagreements, with its potential constrained by structure and finance, and growth limited by a narrow market and technological barriers.

A full ValueStep programme transformed the company into a potential global leader, with no debt and reliable profit, and an extensive product range across numerous automotive marques. 

The Value Step

At the heart of our programme was the introduction of a new chairman and executive leadership, who led the  creation and development of a five-year business strategy, plus a merger and corporate restructuring supported by refinancing and an ownership change.

The specific activities we have undertaken include:

  • Creation of the company’s first business strategy.
  • Overseeing a major change in shareholder structure and business refinancing.
  • Diversifying the business into new manufacturer marques and extending the product range to encompass hardware.
  • Rebranding the business and extending its marketing to social and digital media.
  • Establishing a new senior management group and departmental structure.
  • Extending operations and introducing a major stock management system in a new, leased warehouse.


Our work has transformed this struggling and underperforming company into a highly profitable, globally positioned business with year-on-year revenue growth and strength across several automotive marques for an expanding product range.

The net value gain exceeded £5m.